Coaching Tree

Coaching Tree

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This coaching tree example illustrates some of the basic concepts of taking an outline and converting it into a concept map. The map is of the coaches that have studies under Bill Walsh. The headings are denoted by using Microsoft Word's built-in headings:

Example Outline Styles

This word document also illustrates that sometimes it's easier to edit the structure of your document in "outline mode". In order to view the outline mode, click here:

Setting Outline Mode

This will give you a view of the word document's structure that is a little easier to navigate and edit:

Outline Example
Nuclear Cycle

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

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This word document shows you how to create cyclical graphs. Headlines with identical names are combined in the output concept map. By naming multiple headings identically throughout your document, you can merge nodes and create cycles.

Additionally, you aren't limited to Microsoft word's nine built-in header levels. Defining custom styles named "Heading10", "Heading11", and so on will be processed correctly by Wiles Mind and allow your graphs to be of arbitrary depth.