Wiles Mind

Visualize your Microsoft Word documents

Wiles Mind converts your Microsoft Word documents into an easy-to-see visual mind map.

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Structure your thinking

Having a clear map of how concepts fit together will help you convey complicated information in a simple, straightforward way.

Visualize complex documents

As your research, projects, or notes become more complex and inter-related, being able to visualize how different concepts are related and grouped will help simplify your document and reveal similarities that may not be immediately apparent.

How It Works

Use headings in a Word document

Wiles Mind relies on MS Word headings to create the structure of your document. This structure can be easily added to any existing word document, and are a best practice as you write in the future.

An example and walkthrough of how to add these features is included in the examples section.

Upload your document to Wiles Mind

We have provided a simple form where you can send your word document to us. All documents are stored securely on Amazon S3, and are deleted within 48 hours.

Receive a mind map in your email

We will create a mind map PDF file based on the outline of your word document, and email you a copy of this word document.

We find it best practice to print out this map, mark it up in pen-and-pencil, and use this thinking to restructure and revise your notes and outlines.

This has created clearer stories, more effective learning, and better outcomes for us. We hope the same is true for you!

Use Cases

Research Projects

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Use Wiles Mind to conduct ongoing research projects, continually updating your findings and organizing information as you discover it.

Business Presentations

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Drive strong, clear communication through visualizing and revising the structure of your talk or presentation.

Note Taking

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Visualize and discover interelationships by generating mind maps from your class notes.